About Local Time.

Local time is working towards a concise description of how Youth Justice facilities can be best designed to improve outcomes for young people in custody, Youth Justice staff, and the broader community.
This project is a collaboration between Sanne Oostermeijer and Matthew Dwyer, which they started in 2018 in response to the inaugural Victorian Design Challenge. In June their proposal was announced as the winner of the competition, providing funds to develop the proposal.

Matthew Dwyer is an architectural graduate, design researcher and tutor, whose work focuses on how design interconnects with other disciplines and fields – particularly the social and ecological implications/possibilities inherent in the design of (human) environments. His graduating project examined the connections between urban water infrastructure and social structures in Melbourne.

Sanne Oostermeijer has been an academic researcher since 2010 and her research focuses on the mental health and well-being of young people, with a particular focus on justice-involved young people. She has worked in close collaboration with various academics, health professionals, social workers and young people in custody and closed youth care. She is a member of the Smart Justice for Young People (SJ4YP) coalition and the advisory group for the Justice-involved Young People (JYP) network in Victoria.

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